I’m Adam Johnson, a biocultural anthropologist. I’m interested broadly in the emergent ecologies that arise from dialectical semiotic relationships between people and their worlds in an environmental context, trans-species subjectivity, frameworks for interpreting the world, how organisms semiotically construct their worlds.

I’m a currently a PhD student at UTSA after serving as a lecturer at UNC-Charlotte. I’ve done research in primate behavioral ecology (juvenile time budgeting, play behavior, and allocare in chimpanzees; female social relationships in rhesus macaques), the history and biocultural construction of race in science, and social integration within a Drag community.

The goal of this website is to provide space for me to apply anthropological thinking across the news, pop-culture, science, pop-science, film, music, video games, and anything else that catches my fancy.

Anthropological thinking goes well beyond the scholarly realm and is an essential skill for everyday life. Thinking holistically, non-reductively, and culturally relative allows for a nuanced perspective of the world and, I believe, can lead to better science and a better world.