Cain and Abel: A Reflection on Coronavirus

The story of Cain and Abel from the Christian Holy Bible is common knowledge but to recap. Cain and Abel both offer sacrifices to God: Cain offering produce and Abel offering livestock. God favored Abel’s offering and in a fit of jealousy, Cain murders his brother. When God asks Cain where his brother is, Cain…

Upcoming Pilot Research

As of today I have submitted all of the required paperwork (IACUC, Occupational Health, Special Use Permit Application) . I will be collecting data on behavior and the use of space by collared peccaries/javelinas (Tayassu tajacu) at Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge. This pilot study will support a larger research project in Ecuador on multispecies relations…

Scattered Thoughts in a Crisis

The world has taken notice that the United States of America is in crisis. In solidarity with the plight of Black Americans, protests have cropped up in many other countries. Black Americans and their allies are currently under assault by militarized police at the direction of the state. I am having a hard time articulating…

UNCC Oral History Interview

Casey Moore (UNCC Oral History Assistant) interviewed me for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Oral History Archives. The interview covers my experiences of the April 30, 2019 campus shooting that occurred in my classroom.

Texas Herping: May 2 & 4, 2020

Dr. Sarah Pollock and I braved the scorching heat (>95F) to look for snakes around little water around Culebra Creek Park. Special Guests: Lots of ribbons snakes and gulf coast toads.

Revisiting the Past: Some Thoughts on the UNCC Shooting

Today is April 27, 2020. April 30 will mark one year since a gunman walked into my LBST 2213 class on the last day of the semester. I’ve written about the experience and ideas and insights in the subsequent months and was featured in an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education. This last year…

Now on Youtube

You can visit my YouTube channel: Anthropology 365. I am currently working on content that covers a field examination of the use of anthropogenic (human-made) spaces by reptiles and amphibians. I plan to also include anthropological discussions and other fieldwork in the future.