Niche Partitioning in Javelinas (Pecari Tajacu) and Feral Hogs (Sus scrofa) in Texas: Research Poster

Javelinas, also known as collared peccaries (Pecari tajacu), are the only peccary species native to North America. Despite their porcine appearance, peccaries (Family Tayassuidae) are not pigs (Family Suidae). However, this superficial resemblance between javelinas and introduced feral hogs (Sus scrofa), they are often confused in Texas. Feral hogs are responsible for millions of dollars in agricultural and property damages each year and contribute to a great deal of environmental degradation (Timmons n.d.). Understanding how the ecological context of Texas contributes to this confusion is important for feral hog management plans that can inadvertently affect local javelina populations.  This poster analyzes the spatial distribution of javelinas and hogs in Texas, US.

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