Adventures with Peccaries pt. 2

I spent time out in the Hill Country, north of San Antonio ,Texas. The clan that I worked with on this trip was made up of 8 total members (4 adults, 2 subadults, and 2 juveniles). I worked on top a hill to determine their home site and bedding patterns. I also tracked them around their home site for 15 minutes before losing them. Finally, at the end of the day I observed them for more than an hour as they fed at the base of the hill.

While peccaries resemble pigs, they are not pigs which are found through Africa and Eurasia. Pigs belong to the taxonomic family Suidae. Peccaries (the three currently recognized species) are an American artiodactyl of the taxonomic family Tayassuidae.

Here are several pictures from the day.

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  1. These look so cuteđź’—


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